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Minigolf Žlutice -  For our visitors

Dear visitors,


Welcome to Minigolf in Žlutice. For your safety and enjoyment of the game, please note the following guidelines and instructions:

  1. The course consists of 18 holes. Each hole is numbered with serial numbers. Please adhere to the order of the holes. The holes are linked to the sidewalks leading you to the next hole.
  2. Children up to 10 years of age are allowed to enter the course only accompanied by an adult.
  3. Minigolf can be played by individuals or groups of players. The maximum recommended occupation of one hole is 4 players.
  4. When playing in a group, the players are playing consecutively in a sequence that they determine in advance.
  5. Players can walk through the holes during the game. Therefore, the entry to the course is only allowed in dry and clean footwear.
  6. The goal of the game is to transport the ball in the least number of strokes from the base position (the space in front of the white line) to the hole. The winner is the player with the smallest sum of strokes on all holes.
  7. The maximum number of strokes per hole is 6. If the 6-stroke fails, the player receives one penalty and scores 7 in the scorecard.
  8. If a ball leaves the hole in the play, it is returned back to the place where it has left and the player is credited with one penalty strike. In this case, the player can move the ball vertically from the mantinel to a distance of 20 centimeters.
  9. If the ball ends in any of the obstacles, it is moved perpendicularly from this obstacle to a distance of 20 centimeters.
  10. The playground is not allowed to wear glass and other sharp and dangerous objects.
  11. Please keep order at the course, the garbage does not belong to the ground, but to the wastebasket.

We hope that you will enjoy the stay.

Minigolf Žlutice

Minigolf Žlutice - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to my own golf clubs?

Every visitor is given a golf club designed for walking at the reception.
Which type of balls will I need to play?
Minigolf is played with the golf balls, which we can also lend to each of our visitors.
Which shoes should I have on?
Entrance to the course is allowed only in the sports shoes.
Who will advise me on the rules?
Simplified rules include a score card that each visitor receives when entering the course.




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